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Interior Painting Tips - Homeowners - Counselor Realty

Have you ever noticed that some homes look brand new after an interior paint job, while others look like an old house with fresh paint? If you're considering adding your house to the inventories of Coon Rapid homes for sale or Detroit Lakes homes for sale or sprucing up a new place yourself, you can achieve that pristine appearance yourself by following a few simple tips. 

  • Protect the Space
    Cover floor and furniture that can't be moved out so that you aren't constantly chasing messy drips as you work. Plastic works well for furniture and electronics but is dangerously slippery underfoot. Use canvas drop cloths for maximum protection of flooring. Assemble rags and other supplies in a convenient place, including painter's tape, trowels, and edger tools. Make sure you have a clear path to running water and a clean bucket of water for rollers and brushes.

  • Prepare Surfaces
    This step is critical to a professional appearance. Fill in all holes and minor imperfections with drywall compound and allow time to dry completely. Sand the areas to obtain a smooth surface. Inspect the walls to locate any other imperfections from previous paint jobs. If the walls are textured, it is important to re-texture the areas you have treated before proceeding for a seamless appearance. Dust and dirt are the enemies of paint, so take the time to clean all surfaces before beginning.

  • Select the Appropriate Finish
    Before you purchase paint, consider the best finish for the room. A flat finish provides the best option to cover small imperfections but is far less durable than glossy. Dirty handprints by the bathroom light switch and grease spatters in the kitchen are much easier to clean if the surface is glossy. A flat surface helps provide the elegance you may desire in the living room. Use a coat of primer to minimize the variation of the sheen that sometimes happens with drywall repairs. 

  • Paint Areas in Order
    Start with the trim and make sure you get a nice, smooth finish. It doesn't matter if you get paint on the surrounding walls as you will be covering that up later. After completing the trim and waiting at least 24 hours to let it dry, start on the ceiling. Tape off the edges of crown molding if your home has that feature. Start with a brush along the edges, feathering paint onto the walls. Switch to a roller for the main body of the ceiling. After the ceiling is completely dry, tape off the edges for a sharp demarcation between the ceiling and the walls. Finally, paint the walls.

  • Use Rollers Correctly 
    Make sure the roller is coated overall but not saturated to the point of dripping. Starting in one upper corner, paint a large "W." Fill in the empty spaces repeating "Ws" across the wall. Work quickly to ensure that all new strokes overlap wet edges. Watch for inconsistent coverage as you go to avoid a blotchy appearance. When dry, apply a second coat for maximum coverage. Some painters prefer using edging tools to cut a sharp edge line, while others prefer painter's tape. If you choose the latter, remove the tape carefully when you clean up. Use a sharp knife to lift the edge to avoid pulling bits of paint off with the tape. Be sure to allow plenty of time for thorough drying between coats. 

Whether you are putting your home on the market or looking for a new one, our real estate professionals are ready to help. Call today to arrange a meeting to start the process. 

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