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Laundry Room Appliances - Homeowners - Counselor Realty

Once you decide on a house after browsing Bemidji homes for sale and Brainerd homes for sale, you'll probably need a few new appliances. A washer and dryer are essential devices, but settling on the right models with so many available options can be hard. We share six considerations before you complete your laundry room.

  1. Consider Size
    Size is a vital consideration for washers and dryers as you don't want units that are too big for the available space. Measure the space in your home to compare against the measurements of potential models. Also, plan for at least 6 inches behind the appliances for water and venting hookups and 2 to 3 inches if you plan to keep the washer and dryer separate. A stacking pair is ideal when you're tight on space.

  2. Set Your Budget
    Before you shop for a new washer and dryer, consider how much you're willing to spend. Expect to pay around $350 to $1,000 for washers and up to $2,000 for high-efficiency models with advanced features. Dryers have similar prices in the $400 to $1,000 range, with high-efficiency models costing a bit more.

    Top loaders are typically cheaper than front loaders of similar capacity, but the price difference isn't often huge. However, front loaders have greater energy and water efficiency and will save you more money in the long term.

  3. Front Loaders vs. Top Loaders
    Top loaders and front loaders have their pros and cons, and the space in your laundry room determines the best model. For example, a top loader may be ideal if you have a lot of vertical space and not much width.

    Traditionally, top loaders featured an inner agitator, which is the spinning rod in the machine. Modern models have a hollow bin or a stainless-steel tub which can handle high spin speeds for a shorter drying time. However, front-loaders have higher spin speeds and spend less time washing and drying your clothes.

    Front-loaders tumble clothes to clean them, meaning they use less drying time and are gentler on your clothes. These models are perfect if you have low cabinets to store your laundry appliances. Wipe the sensors on front-loaders to keep them in good condition.

  4. Pay Attention to Energy Efficiency
    Energy-efficient washers and dryers save on electricity and leave a smaller impact on the environment. High-efficiency laundry appliances also complete cycles in less time and can handle large loads, improving your laundry experience.

    In addition to the Energy Star label, consider an appliance's performance based on the Consortium for Energy Efficiency (CEE). The CEE rates an appliance's Integrated Water Factor (IWF) and Modified Energy Factor (MEF). The higher a model's tier, the less water it uses and the more efficient.

  5. Gas or Electric Dryer?
    Although most homes are set up for electric dryers, you can get a gas dryer, but you need a gas hookup for heat. Gas dryers dry clothes faster with less energy as the gas system heats rapidly and maintains consistent energy through a drying cycle. Electric dryers dry a little slower, but they're cheaper than gas models and don't need a dedicated gas line.

  6. Look Out for Smart Features
    Today's washers and dryers have advanced features that make life easier. For instance, wi-fi connectivity lets you start and pause loads from your phone or control the appliances with other smart home devices like Google Home and Amazon Echo.

    A self-clean feature makes it easier to maintain your washer and dryer, although manual cleaning is still recommended. Other models have noise-reducing technology, quick wash settings, stain removal, and digital displays.

The guide above will simplify the process of buying the right washer and dryer. Call today to explore our real estate services.

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