Moving to Your New Home

Moving can be one of the most emotional times in your life. The thrill of something new—a new career, a new neighborhood, or a new home is always exciting. While this may sound great to some people, for others, these changes can be an emotional rollercoaster. Below, we give you helpful advice for when you start the moving process.

Moving Tips

Moving is a big job, even if it’s just down the block. Staying organized can make it easier and less stressful for everyone. Start by obtaining a variety of boxes in all different sizes. Bigger boxes should be used for lightweight items like comforters and stuffed animals. Smaller boxes work well for heavier items and things you want to protect and secure better (and you’re less likely to overload it and hurt your back).

Be sure to label every box with the name of the room where you want it delivered in your new home, not necessarily where it came from in your current house. If you decide to work with a moving company, this will make it easier for them to put your boxes exactly where you want as well rather than having everything unloaded into the garage or another holding area.

Settling Into Your New Place

Once your possessions are moved and you’ve said goodbye to your old home you can start settling in and getting comfortable in your new house. If you want to do any painting or quick repairs, start early. Those tasks are usually easier to complete before you unload all your furniture and knick-knacks.

Have fun hanging up your favorite artwork, setting up your cozy living spaces, or just relax and enjoy your new home before it’s full of furniture and life gets busy. These moments pass quickly, so be sure to savor them.

Do you need additional help or advice when it comes to moving time in the Twin Cities area? Contact Counselor Realty —we are experts when it comes to selling your home!

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