Navigating the Sales Process

One of the times your Counselor real estate agent’s expertise will be most valuable is during the sales process. From evaluating the initial offer to counter-offers and finalizing the sale, it can be overwhelming without proper guidance. Luckily, most home sales follow the same process.

An Offer Comes in on Your Listed Property

Depending on the market and the buyer, it could be at asking price, above asking price, or below asking price. Sometimes you may even have multiple offers in short succession. Every offer will have an expiration date and includes most of the details about how the sales process will proceed with the potential buyer.

Buyer’s terms can vary dramatically from individual to individual. Some of the common variables that will change from buyer to buyer are the duration of escrow and closing; contingencies on inspections, due diligence, or financing; and proposed earnest money or down payment amounts.

With the Help of Your Agent, You’ll Respond to the Offer

Consulting with your real estate agent will allow you to evaluate every offer and determine how to proceed. You could accept an offer as is, decide to submit a counter-offer and request a different price or terms, decline the offer without a counter, or not respond at all (though this option is rarely used).

Formal Acceptance

Once you agree on terms, the offer will be accepted by both parties with a purchase contract signed by the buyer, the seller, and their agents. Then you will move on to escrow and proceed towards closing by the date outlined in the contract.

Do you need help navigating the sales process of your Twin Cities / Minnesota home? We can help! Contact Counselor Realty for more information today.


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