The Moving Process

For most home sales the time from offer acceptance to closing is approximately 30-days. However, during that time there’s a lot happening, and sometimes it’s necessary to extend a deadline in between (for services like the inspection or financing). During this time it’s important that you prepare to move but talk with your agent about what you should and shouldn’t do before closing.

For example, if you’re renting your agent can advise you on when the best time to give notice would be so you don’t end up giving it too soon. They will also advise you not to make any large purchases until after you have keys in hand. It can be tempting to run out and buy a new living room set, but you could affect your credit or raise a red flag for the financing company, so it’s best to wait until after you’ve closed.

Once a closing date has been set, and your loan is approved, you can contact local service providers to establish your accounts and set the date they will go into effect. You’ll want to set up your electricity, gas, water, garbage, cable, telephone, internet, and any other necessary services.

Also remember to set up mail forwarding, and once you have the keys, you can let your bank, creditors, medical insurance, and other important providers know you’ve moved.

Have questions about the moving process in the Twin Cities / Minnesota? Contact Counselor Realty for more information—we are here to help!


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